Migrating from Enterprise to Community


We had been using the Enterprise version of Camunda(standalone, mysql for database) for around a year and wanted to switch to the Community Edition. We had multiple deployments, instance executions, user authorizations, etc in the Enterprise version already.

Assuming the plan is to move from 17.11.1 to 17.11.0,
How can one migrate from Enterprise to Community version with all the deployments, configs, history, etc. intact?
Since it is two different packages, would unpacking the community version, shutting down the enterprise version, pointing the database to the one already in use(by the enterprise version) achieve the result?

Any pointers is much appreciated.

I would suggest that you upgrade your current setup to 7.14-ee first and then you can switch out the EE artifacts like the engine and webapps for the CE version and it should work just fine.
Obviously you should backup your DB before doing anything, but it should be quite straightforward.