Migrating or changing variables real-time (cockpit)


I have a small issue where I have some token left in a version 1 of a processen. It’s quite similar to version 2 but on one service task it’s different from version 1.

Version 1 has 10 open executions and the task expects a variable called Var1.
Version 2 is live and that same task expects a variable called Var2.
I can’t seem to edit the variable names only the value (which is already correct) Is there any way I can migrate the old executions to version 2 (without enterprise edition) or change a variable name in the cockpit without enterprise? It seems restricted now. Thanks for any help.

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Actually, changing the variable name won’t do me any good either. I specifiek in the task which variables to use as input so changing the name will just make the task ignore the variable. I need to migrate it somehow.

Hi @kingspallett,

you can do process instance migration with the API. All methods mentioned here in Java code: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.11/user-guide/process-engine/process-instance-migration/#api are available in the REST API as well: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.11/reference/rest/migration/.

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Managed to find it my self and forgot update my topic. Many thanks for your reply though. This information does help.

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How were you able to do it? I have run into same situation