Migration for dummies

Hello there,

I need to migrate processInstances from one processDefinition to another, how can I make this happen?
Firstly I have some processInstances running - it might be a big number in the future.
I need to “migrate” them and I want to set them on the first step of the new processDefinition.
Is there a simple way to do that?
As I’ve read modification is rather for simple migrations so I should use migration endpoint right? Then how can I make those processInstaces to be at the first activity?

Hi @Marcinthedev,

you can read the details of process instance migration in this Blog Post: https://camunda.com/blog/2020/04/process-migration-using-bpmn-part-1/. and Part 2.

There is recording of Chris’ talk from the CamundaCon Live available: https://www.camundacon.com/live/

Hope this helps, Ingo