Missing Extension properties on some elements in Camunda platform 8

There is missing Extension properties option on some elements. I would like to use Extension properties on Data store reference element and Data input/output association even just for modelling purposes.

I need these properties to model some additional information to the elements and connections. Is this option planned in the near future or I just need to use platform 7 for now?

Currently using Camunda Modeler 5.6.0 on platform 8.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess you refer to this?

Indeed that is a missing feature. No specific reason why you should not be able to model these.

Do you want to open a feature request?

Yes I would like to see this feature in Platform 8. Should I create a Feature request on Github on my own?

You can absolutely create feature request on your own, but you don’t have to.

Ok I will create it and link it to this forum thread. Thanks :slight_smile: