Missing runtime incidents


May I know whether it is possible that there is only history opened incidents for an active process instance?

In fact, I faced the very strange case. The state of a process instance is ACTIVE, and there is an incident in ACT_HI_INCIDENT table related to the process instance, the incident_state_ of which is 0. However, there is no related record in the ACT_RU_INCIDENT for the same incident. I wonder whether it is a normal case or just something wrong with the engine.

Hi @Tonny_Tc,

Incident gets created in both history and runtime-related tables. Once the incident gets resolved, it gets removed from the runtime-related table " ACT_RU_INCIDENT" so I believe that the incident is already resolved in your case.

You can find detailed info about the history clean-up in the below docs

Hi Tonny,
Incident_state_ is 0 is what is confusing me. Since what I know is that
a. 0 mean Incident Opened
b. 1 mean incident resolved
c. 2 mean incident deleted

So if state of incident is 0 therefore there must be a incident in ACT_RU_INCIDENT table.

I can think of a possibility where you are getting dirty read of ACT_HI_INCIDENT table. since the moment any incident happen there will entry in both the table i.e. ACT_RU_INCIDENT and also in ACT_HI_INCIDENT. Then when you resolve this incident then record will be deleted from ACT_RU_INCIDENT table and incident_state_ will be updated to 1 in ACT_HI_INCIDENT table.

Can you revalidate your scenario with refreshing table in DB?


Thanks a lot for your reply and confirmation. I’ll check whether there is anything broken the consistencies.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually, there are nearly 600 incidents run in the case. I’m really confused about it.