Missing step in documentation

Hey guys,

on the Maven Project Templates (Archetypes) documentation page available at Maven Project Templates (Archetypes) | docs.camunda.org, the Usage in IntelliJ IDEA section seems to be missing a step how to register the archetype catalog.

After the step 6, the following step should be added to avoid any confusion

  1. In the Maven Archetype Catalogs window, click on the “+” button and in the opened “Add Archetype Catalog URL” modal window add the following ULR of the catalog file

I am not sure how to properly suggest changes as i am an absolute newbie here, so hopefully this way could work.

Can you do a pull request with the “GitHub” button:

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Absolutely, PR has been created.


Thank you so much for your pull request, @cyrild! :slight_smile: And huge thanks to @StephenOTT as well!