Missing types in Camunda Modeler v5.0.0


I noticed that in Camunda Modeler (latest version 5.0.0), in the specific diagrams for Camunda version 8, many types of gateways and events no longer exist, such as:
Gateways: Inclusive and Complex
Events: Link, Signal, Escalation, Conditional, and Compensation

Do you know if this change is permanent?

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You are very welcome to our community @bernowly and I have the same doubt you mentioned. Would any fellow community member help us with this question? @Niall by any chance?

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Hi @bernowly,

The elements which don’t show up are not supported yet by Camunda 8 platform.


Hi, for the Inclusive Gateway,take a look at this Cannot See All Gateway Types - #4 by skayliu

Hi There,

The mentioned symbols are not yet supported by Camunda 8. We have them on the roadmap and we’re working to bring them to Camunda 8 soon. The first items that we’ll tackle from this list are signal events and escalation events.