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I am working on a camunda project , I want to integrate this workflow for my project (Android, Angular) with springBoot, I watched your tutorials but I couldn’t find what I really want , my project is about a client call for a credit from the bank with the mobile app and then an agent from the bank will validate the demand from the web app, so can someone tell me what tutorial should I watch or have you some links so I can have an idea?

Hi @Niall
I really need help here.

Hey @Benmabrouk_Mahmoud we normally don’t have tutorials for all use cases as there are so many.
It depends how your process model looks like. Maybe you want to use a message start event to start your process in Camunda. In that case your client call from the mobile app should implement a REST call to start your process inside Camunda:
The next element in your process then would be a user task where the agent can validate the data. There a multiple options to implement the user task. The easiest would be to use Camunda Tasklist, but there are other options as well:

Hi @Nele thank you.
But my question wasn’t about the use case. I have a diagram and I deployed it already.
My problem is I couldn’t understand the logic of the platform, I will make my project on android with my own style and template, page for the client and other for the agent . I couldnt understand how to integrate and consume your api (tasklist , process …).

Hey @Benmabrouk_Mahmoud I hope I understand you better now. So You have build your own frontends and you would like to integrate them with Camunda?

This best practise helps to understand the lifecycle of user tasks and what is important for the integration:

Ad here are more examples of how to build a custom tasklist:

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Hi @Nele yes I was looking for this, thank you so much.