Modeler 5.13.0 required History Clean up Time to Live for 7.19.0

I just noticed that with the latest Modeler, when 7.19.0 is selected as the target platform, I see a “Problem” show up which requires the following defined:

History Cleanup ==> Time to live.

What is the purpose of this? 7.18.0 didn’t required it, but the 7.19.0 does? Any history to this change?


Hello my dear! How are you?

Take a look at these links below… Although I couldn’t find anything about this update that implements the obligation to define a TTL, I believe it is of great importance, because many people start their work with Camunda without making the Cleanup settings, and the tables come as FULL by default…

Perhaps it was a way for Camunda to “force” developers to be careful.

That way, developers don’t need to configure the for example… and can configure the TTL directly through the modeler.

If that’s right… I liked it!

I’m not sure about this yet, but I believe this is it.