Modeler forms editor / Need readonly

This is my second day evaluating the new Modeler forms creation feature. It doesn’t seem possible to indicate that a field should be read only. I view this to be essential functionality. I suppose I would have to fall back to using a Camunda/Angular form when ever I need read-only behavior. Please put “read-only” on your backlog.

On a more general note, in my opinion a fully functional forms editor will prevent a lot of users from trying to implement there own TaskList application. In my experience, Camunda users who try to do this, run a higher risk of project failure than those who use the Camunda TaskList, not to mention spending a lot more time getting to their first production deployment.

Hi @cr.irvine

At least this feature is already implemented: Disable editing of a form field · Issue #181 · bpmn-io/form-js · GitHub

It’s available in the lastest Nightly build: Camunda Download Center -

From my experience, this would not be the case. If you need a highly specialized tasklist application, embedded in your intranet, no vendor will be successful with an out-of-box solution.

When it comes to prefilling inputs with dependecies on other fields or data, dynamically showing and hiding fields or flexible keyboard support, you will reach the limits of a declarative approach quite quickly.

But a form editor is always a good starting point to get and handle initial requirements from the end users.

Hope this helps, Ingo

I agree that in the long term, a GUI form builder will probably not suffice. But, as you say, in the short run, it’s a good starting place. I’ve personally been on teams that successfully deployed process apps to production using the OOTB TaskList. But mostly, I’ve been on teams that decided to build there own TaskList application. Those teams have struggled mightily and long and sometimes did not succeed - for multiple reasons.

One of the things that pushes teams to roll their own TaskList app is Camunda’s rather dated Embedded Task Forms capability. Assuming the Modeler’s GUI forms builder matures a bit, some teams could get by with this approach for a while and then migrate to their own task mgt app when they have gained a significant understanding of Camunda.