Modeler : OS X - Shortcuts fired on key press

When you use Modeler in OS X, some of the shortcuts are fired unintentionally.

Steps to reproduce this:
Open a BPM flow
Select a node (For example User task)
Open properties
Go to any text field and type “s”. You can see getting printed however when you move your mouse to the left pane you can see a ruler (Spacer Tool)!
Something similar happens when you type letter “l” too

I think this is somewhat related Modeler String fields and letters are missing! - #6 by Bharat

Please note that this is noticed in nightly build.


Thanks for reporting.

This has been fixed under this ticket and is part of the nightly, as well.


Hmm, latest build seems to be throwing an error. I understand it’s a nightly build. Just letting you know.

Thanks for looking into this Vladimirs.

Thanks, looks like config file has been corrupted, potentially, from previous build.

Were you able to run successfully latest nightly at least once before an error occurred?

I double checked. And confirm that this error occurs as soon as you open the latest nightly build (OS X version).

Configuration recovery should be fixed now in nightly.


It works now. Thanks for the quick fix Vladimirs.