Modeler reports success but cockpit does not show deployment

I am experimenting with a VERY simple “login” model. If I use XOR gateway to fork loginOK or loginNotOK decisions, modeler will report success when deployed but the cockpit does not show the deployment.

If I use ANY OTHER gateway, except XOR, then everything is fine.

What is so special about the XOR gateway?! And, if nothing, where are the/any log files that I can examine to attempt to figure out what is going on?

Modeler: 1.16.2
Engine: 7.9.0 Community

Thanks for any and all help.


Can you upload your model?
Also - it’s possible the the modeler is wrong about the success of the deployment, i’ve seen that happen some times . After deploying the model check Camunda’s own logs to see if the deployment caused any errors

Hi Niall,

Thanks for the note.

I’ve been working on this since my post and, f-i-n-a-l-l-y, figured out what was going on and was about to post the reason. I hope this helps someone else who may run into this situation.

For some reason, XOR behaves differently in that it has to have ALL of the variables along the path, and the next-hop tasks, if these tasks are Service Tasks. Other gateways allow omissions at deployment time, although of course they won’t executed tasks with omitted attributes. For example, I can leave out the definition of the external task as the next-hop of a concurrent task and the model will deploy fine – just won’t execute anything when the process flow lands on the service task with omitted value.

XOR gateway does not produce an error but won’t deploy either. I think this is a bug, but will leave it up to you to decide that.

Thanks again for the note.




Thanks throben.

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