Modeling a meeting


The context: a marketing department which is supported by an (external) advertising agency.

I’m wondering how to model (monthly) meetings where a set of images for marketing comms are chosen.
The participants of the meeting are from both the marketing and the external agency, and the decision is made together in that meeting.

So i have two pools (marketing-who defines tactics, and the marcom agency-who creates/produces/publishes comms), but how do i model the monthly meeting they have together?

Should i introduce a new (compound) actor in the pool of the service requester (marketing)? See attached example.

I have wondered about (explicitly) modeling meetings between parties in general. Perhaps its just an event which has consequent tasks? In what pool do i put the event then? At service requester side?


My opinion is this should be one process not two, and the pool label should be the process name not the organization name. This creates a shared context between the lanes. There is still the question, in which lane to put the meeting. This is an inherent problem with lanes in BPMN when an activity involves multiple performers. There is no right or wrong answer to that. When you make this 2 separate processes, there are many wrong answers, few if any right ones.

Hello Bruce thnx for your feedback.
Indeed the pool labels should be process names (mistake!), for example upper pool is ‘make monthly circular’, and bottom is ‘design & publish somehting’.
Don’t i need the pools as the processes are carried out by organizations that are in some kindof service requester/provider relationship (different companies)?


Again, my opinion only… BPMN is meant to show one party’s view of the
collaboration. If you are the provider, the requester’s process is opaque
and vice versa. If the full details of both parties’ processes are known,
representing the collaboration as 2 process pools is allowed. But I put
back to you your original question, if the 2 actors are separate
participants in the collaboration, how to you represent an activity
involving both? Technically you can’t. This is why I doubt these are
independent processes.

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