Modeling a process with multiple events

I need to model a process where

  1. it is triggered by an event message
  2. while it is processing, it will need to keep receiving similar messages and reacting to those messages

The process can be running for hours or even days.

How should this be modeled?

A message start event would be the best option for triggering the process with a message.
There are a lot of options for receiving events… can you describe or model how your process reacts to these events and what exactly they’re intended to do.

Thanks, I will attach a simplified version of what I have been thinking about

We are creating a support ticket when the first event arrives. Until that ticket is closed by someone, it needs to be updated for each new event. The wait will be a loop with a timer, I guess.

One of the best ways of doing this could be by using a event sub-proccess as I’ve demonstrated in the gif below.

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Interesting thanks! I will take a look

Seems to be exactly what I am looking for, thanks a lot!

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