Modeller v1.5 and CMMN error (unparsable content <case>)

I’m finding that CMMN diagrams from the camunda examples repository are not loading properly in the modeller (v 1.5).
Examples: cmmn from online tutorial CMMN 1.1 Implementation Reference |
loan-approval.cmmn11.xml (1.3 KB)

[warning] Imported CMMN diagram with 1 warning
[warning] > unparsable content detected
line: 7
column: 56
nested error: unrecognized element

HI @davekant
the mentioned case xml does not have a DI yet. This is why it does not show up in the Camunda Modeler.
As I can see this Case has not been updated for a while ( and back then the Modeler did not support it.
If you like you can create a pull request for the issue by redrawing the case using the latest Modeler.