Modelling category / forum

Hello everyone,

first post from my side, hopefully I picked the right category :slight_smile:
I am looking for a section of the forum where modelling itself is discussed. Some place where to share best practices or pose modelling problems / questions and get/give advice / lessons learned.

I use BPMN only as functional representation of processes, mainly because I like the fact of having a formalism in background (a kind of grammar and syntax) that allows to have a shared vocabulary with the business actors and avoid that I do (some stupid) mistakes, since I’m “forced” to model with a certain degree of rigor…

Is there a dedicated section for this kind of stuff? Or another forum? I searched the web for a while but this is the forum closest to my target that I have found.
Apologies if I am off-topic.

Thanks in advance!

PS: A German-language forum would be also an option.

You can tag things with the modeler category.
The forum is very much open to modeling questions around BPMN, DMN and even CMMN. So feel free to post up here. :slight_smile:

Hi Niall,
thanks for the quick response.
I’ll do that then… second post coming up :slight_smile: