Modelling invocation of another workflow

How do we model invoking an existing workflow(bpmn) from another workflow.
When marking a pool collapsed, it does not show the process id.

Tried this:
Workflow1.bpmn is existing.
Workflow2.bpmn is modeled to have a lane for Workflow1(lane for workflow1 un-collapsed, so that I could specify process id.)

When deployed Workflow2.bpmn, cockpit shows new Workflow2.bpmn instead of the existing Workflow1.bpmn.

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, however to call another workflow, I would use the call activity.
For context you could model the called process as a black box pool. In cockpit at runtime, you can navigate top down by using the called process tab…


The Camunda modeler does support showing full inter-process collaboration.

Were you thinking about something like?


Either way though, I think you’ll need something like a “send event”. And, the way I show everything on one model (single diagram) is via BPMN “black box pool”. This helps simplify the models. I use annotations to reference the detailed models (simplified as a “black box pool”).

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Thank you for the information.