Modifying unfinished part of process definition


I am looking into Camunda and wondering if the scenario below is possible

  1. defined a new process definition with 5 steps and deployed it - it will always/only have 1 instance
  2. start the only instance allowed and progress to step 3 of the process, which is a “wait” state, and instance is blocked
  3. human/user decides at that time steps 4-5 are no longer relevant
  4. the definition/instance are modified to go from 3 to new steps 6, 7 instead
  5. user unblocks/continues the process and now it goes to steps 6, 7 and ends/terminates successfully

Thanks !

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Hi @arunmrao,

just to clarify, is it right that you want to deploy a new version of the process definition and then migrate the process instance to this new version?

In this case, you can use the process instance migration.

Does this help you?

Best regards,

Thanks, Philipp !

That strategy might work - I will try it out…