MongoDB support in Camunda

Query on DB support provided by Camunda 7 and 8
Does any Camunda version (7/8) support MongoDB?

You could export process engine data to MongoDB using your own Exporter.
There is an example community project for Camunda 8 around this:

Supported databases for Camunda 7:

Thanks for the info.
Is there any future plan to have MongoDB support in Camunda 8 ?

Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1

What do you mean by “MongoDB support in Camunda 8”?

What do you want to do with MongoDB in Camunda 8?

Bear in mind that Camunda 8 does not use any external database for its own operation. For your business domain logic you can use any database that you want, including MongoDB.

The support for MongoDB in your domain logic will depend on the language client that you are using to write your domain logic, and its support for MongoDB.


Thanks for the response.

Regarding “Camunda 8 does not use any external database for its own operation”.

Which DB does Camunda 8 use for its own operation. Is it possible to access it from outside?
Our use case would if we can get the Process State from this DB (if its possible) and perform certain custom reporting functionalities.

Internally Camunda 8 uses an eventstream and a key value store (RocksDB). No, you can’t access it externally.

You can load an exporter in it if you are using self-hosted. This ships the event stream out to an external sink. There is an Elastic Search exporter that is officially supported, and is what Optimize and Operate read from in Camunda Platform 8.

You are best off if you can use Optimize for your reporting. Optimize can also export CSV, which you can import into another DB.

If you are going to think about going the exporter route, rather than Optimize, it is a significant technical investment.

If you are at the “does Camunda 8 use an external database” stage, then I think the responsible advice is: “Use Optimize and CSV export”.

Otherwise, have a look at this blog article, and follow and read all of the links in it: Why Can’t I Delete a Process Definition in Camunda Platform 8? - Camunda

This will give you a good overview of Camunda 8’s architecture.