Monitor workflow and node progress as percentage

Yes, just that. But this is not an easy task !

To track the progress of a workflow instance, need to track the tokens in the graph and calculate the overall progress as a percentage.

To track the progress in a service task or human task need information from the worker.

As only the worker of the service task know about the progress it is his responsibility to send this information to Zeebe or an external DB used for monitoring.

Sending progress per node to Zeebe is better because the data will be exported by all the exporters.
The downfall of this is that it can flood Zeebe of network requests…

This work can be used to monitor the estimated time (ETA) for an instance.

Hi @vtexier,

that sounds interesting.
Did you just want to share this idea? Or, do you have a concrete question? :sweat_smile:

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Lol, this is not a question, just to share the idea and see if I am not the only one in need of this feature.

Of course, in a workflow where nobody really wait for the job to complete, it is of no use.

I have professionally develop solutions with workflow where the user have to wait for jobs to complete. The first thing that a user want in that case is to know how long he will have to wait (the ETA time) and the state of progress (percentage of completion) of the jobs.

We can workaround the ETA feature by displaying the average time for each job in ELK, but this is not quite the same.