Moving BPMN tasks with attached boundary events into a subprocess breaks the diagram


In Camunda Modeler, when I move (drag and drop) some tasks (or subprocess) with attached boundary events into a subprocess the process diagram breaks. I use the Camunda Modeler 1.11.2. Do you face the some problem?

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Can’t reproduce the behavior you describe on Camunda Modeler v1.11.2 / Linux:


If you file bugs, please be specific about:

  • what steps 1, 2, 3, 4, … did you undertake to reproduce the issue
  • what is the context (diagram you started with)
  • what is the expected result
  • what is the actual result (Modeler broken, XML broken/invalid, unexpected behavior, warning shown…)

This helps us to reproduce your issue.

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Thanks for your support. Your scenario works also for me. Can you try to add a start and end event node to your task and then move it into the subprocess, please?. In my case it will break the diagram.
I just opened a support ticket with Camunda support.

I’m reluctant to guess which elements are connected and what to move. Could you provide us with the test diagram and details which elements exactly you move where?

Camunda support will take over then.

The bug has been reproduced by Camunda support and the following issue has been raised

The issue is already resolved in the new release Camunda Modeler 1.11.3. Awesome and many thanks!