Multi instance activity

Hello everyone, i have a use case of using 2 adjacent multi instance activities, the activities will have the exact N number of instances based on the same collection variable, i need to implement a mapping between each pair of instances from the 2 activities using an exclusive gateway, so when a “Task 2” instance task is completed , based on a specific caondition , i want to reactivate the associated “Task 2” instances, can enyone help please !?

Hi @Oussama_Abdelwahed,

If I understand you correctly, any of the below solutions should serve your needs

Solution 1:

  • A sub-process is marked as multi-instance that includes the whole multi-instance logic

Solution 2:

  • If lanes are required then, below two models can be used

A call activity is marked as multi-instance

The 2nd model is used as the called process

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That was exactly what i wanted, thank’s a lot.

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