Multi tenancy in Zeebe

Hi In camunda 7, during workflow deployment there is an option to pass the tenant details(tenant ID).

But In Camunda 8, there is no option for passing tenand ID.


Please help here, how multi tenancy can be achieved.


Hello @Naveen_KS ,

Zeebe currently does not support multi-tenancy.

Please keep posted as this is a regular request.


Hello @jonathan.lukas , Are there any plans of considering the multi tenancy in near future?

Hello @Naveen_KS ,

no there are no concrete plans, but it is requested a lot at the moment.


Sure thank you!

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HI @Naveen_KS

could you elaborate maybe a bit more on your use-case that requires Multi-Tenancy?
We are currently exploring which option of Multi-Tenancy we want to build next.

Currently you can achieve Multi-Tenancy in Camunda 8 by using separate Clusters for each tenant (full data separation) or from 8.2 we expect that you can manage authorizations on Process and Decision level for Users / Groups (Low to medium data isolation).

Hi @felix-mueller , We are looking more into Camunda shared model, where multiple tenants or application can use one Zeebe cluster, without any conflicts in Process definitions or Workers.

Currently if I try to run 2 applications which has UserTask registered, I see execution of user task logic written in application 1 is being executed by application 2. Since both the applications are talking to same zeebe cluster.

And in Camunda 7, to resolve process definition we repository service to get the Process definition key by passing process name , tenant and version tag. But same cant be used in Camunda 8, either we should save the process definition key after deployment of process or we should start the process instance by passing the name(which is not better approach if we have many process definitions)

Is this topic now resolved with Camunda 8.3?

Should we use multi-tenancy to achieve the behavior described above for different team members?

Hello @Andreas.Schlueter ,

this topic basic multi-tenancy is resolved for self-managed setups as of now.

Here, you can start a process definition if it is deployed to the tenant, either by its key (unique identifier) or the bpmnProcessId.

I hope this helps


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Thanks a lot for the confirmation.

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