hi all,i’m biggner in camunda modeler, and i want to model multi parallel approvers on camunda .I’m modeled it but when i deploy that
multi-user-approval.bpmn (4.9 KB)

@Forough, are you getting exception? can you provide the exception stack trace?

@Forough, In the userTask, the Collection variable should be expression like below. Refer the screenshot and attached bpmn.


Deploy this bpmn file: multi-user-approval.bpmn (4.7 KB)

BPMN xml for usertask should look like this:

<bpmn:userTask id="Approveniceideatt" name="Approve nice ideat990" camunda:asyncBefore="true" camunda:assignee="${assignee}">
          <camunda:property />
      <bpmn:multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics camunda:collection="${assigneeList}" camunda:elementVariable="assignee" />
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hi, i run your file but i got this error.

and my new file is:
multi-user-approval_1.bpmn (4.7 KB)

@Forough, in the service task before setting into the variable , you need to serialize the list.

I can serialize it .can you help me

@Forough, you need to obtain the instance of the java.util.ArrayList. Read more about Using Java Arrays with javascript.

var ArrayList = Java.type("java.util.ArrayList");
var assigneeList= new ArrayList;

execution.setVariable("assigneeList", assigneeList);

Deploy this bpmn file: multi-user-approval.bpmn (4.8 KB)

I was able to run successfully:

Thanks my friend