Multiinstance collection expression not working

I am trying to spawn multiple child subprocesses by sending an Java list of parameters from my java external worker. Using below expression in the collection parameter of my workflow -

but it is giving the below error -
org.camunda.bpm.client.exception.NotResumedException: TASK/CLIENT-01009 Exception while completing the external task: The corresponding process instance could not be resumed. Reason: status code: 500, reason phrase: {“type”:“ProcessEngineException”,“message”:“Error while evaluating expression: ${S(parameterName).elements()}. Cause: Error invoking function ‘S’”,“code”:0}

Hi @Vaibhav_Kumar ,

what is the type of your parameter which you pass in the function S? Only variables of type String, Reader and Spin are supported. Spin will then try to guess the data format if neccessarry and attempts to convert.

I did not test, but from my understanding you could use ${parameterName} directly as it already is a collection (java list as you wrote in your post).

Kind regards

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