Multiple actions on same task

I have multiple actions on same task (Lets say main task). On UI, this means there is one single UI which has multiple action buttons on clicking of each, different actions need to happen, however main task will remain the same.

How can I implement this scenario? Please let me know your suggestions.

Each action submit on UI would trigger a series of steps to update audit history of same case, update case status and an integration call. I am hoping to modify process flow for a mechanism which will trigger these in same process while the main task remains untouched.


@Ashish_Pingale, Responding to the different actions performed on the task can be handled using non-interrupting boundary events and the same time main task will be active. The non-interrupting event leads to the original activity not being interrupted, the activity stays there. Instead, an additional execution is created and sent over the outgoing transition of the event.

You can try something similar like this model:

Attached boundary events are:

<bpmn:boundaryEvent id="Event_0bnlvju" name="Warning: Too many Products Added" cancelActivity="false" attachedToRef="Activity_04jbpyy">
   <bpmn:escalationEventDefinition id="EscalationEventDefinition_0kshfax" />

<bpmn:boundaryEvent id="Event_0t29v5w" name="Set Product Not Delivarable" cancelActivity="false" attachedToRef="Activity_04jbpyy">
   <bpmn:conditionalEventDefinition id="ConditionalEventDefinition_1alzpu9" camunda:variableName="isDelivarable" camunda:variableEvent="update">
      <bpmn:condition xsi:type="bpmn:tFormalExpression">#{isDelivarable==false}</bpmn:condition>

<bpmn:boundaryEvent id="Event_1i0lz1s" name="Send Confirmation Email" cancelActivity="false" attachedToRef="Activity_04jbpyy">
   <bpmn:messageEventDefinition id="MessageEventDefinition_0ys4xeg" />

Hello, This was very helpful. Thanks a lot.

I tried boundary event (conditional non interrupting). And using variables REST api, I am able to trigger condition.

However, I am facing another challenge. The variables REST api, returns 204 (no content) on successful variable updation. It triggers the part of flow that gets declaratively executed on that variable updation. In this part of flow(which is called after satisfying boundary condition), I am performing an integration call, if the call fails, I need to inform user with the error. But since the variables REST api call is returned with no content, I am not able to return the error.

Is there any other REST api call, which can update variable (trigger) as well as return the error? or any other trigger mechanism which can trigger boundary flow as well as return the success or failure after completing integration call.