Multiple DMN tables in single DRD

I’m currently trying to bind a DMN with multiple decision tables to a BPMN process. I gave reference of the second decision table as it will execute whole decision tree in DRD. I want the output of first decision table as input to second decision table. I’m not able to assign the value. here are my DMNs in single DRD,

This is the sample input I gave in json format for testing in the camunda 8 environment,
“children”: true

I tried with giving same name in the expression in the input field. but no luck.

diagram_1.bpmn (2.4 KB)
diagram_1.dmn (4.7 KB)

Thank you

Hi @Nani_2000,

To use the result of Decision 1 in an input of Decision 2, use the ID of the decision table and not the Output name. Here is the corrected DMN:
diagram_1.dmn (4.7 KB)
You can read more about the topic in Camunda’s Documentation:

I hope this helps.
– Stephan

Hi @StephanHaarmann
Thank you for the correction and it helped. Now for the business rule task, as I gave reference to the second decision table, only second decision table’s output is assigned upon completion. I also require the output form first decision table. How can I get that?

Thank you

That is not directly possible. You have to add an additional output column that “forwards” the result of Decision 1:
diagram_1.dmn (5.1 KB)