Multiple Process Engine using same DB Schema

As per the camunda documentation,

Multi-Tenancy can be achieved by providing one process engine per tenant. Each process engine is configured to use a different data source which connects the data of the tenant. The data of the tenants can be stored in different databases, in one database with different schemas or in one schema with different tables.

I have multiple process engines each with a unique tenant id. All the process engines are configured to use the same data source ie same database, schema and tables. Is this advisable or can cause issues later on?

Hi @kpkurian,

if you want to save all tenants in the same database, I would use a single engine with tenant identifier:

Hope this helps,


Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier. I am deploying my workflow applications as spring boot app. Each spring boot app is configured to have a unique process engine and tenant identifier. The database is the same for all the applications.

Would appreciate your inputs for this kind of deployment. Am I going to face any issues down the line?


@Ingo_Richtsmeier I am also using same approach as @kpkurian . sometimes, one spring boot application camunda process running the other application related process. Is that because of both are using same database. if yes, how to resolve this problem?