Multipod and problem log in Cockpit

Hi all,
Iconfigured camunda Kubernetes pods (2 POD) on my AKS cluster and accessed my dashboard using the ALB but when I try to login into my dashboard I got the error.

Error: Wrong credentials, locked user or missing access rights to application

I learn from you that the solution is enabling sticky-sessions using cookies to ingress controller (K8s nginx). This would ensure that all requests from a given user are directed to the same instance over a configurable period of time.

It’s a good solution and resolve the login cookpit.

But i’ve a important question:

into my AKS Cluster there are:

  1. 1 microservices camunda with 2 POD
  2. Others microservices that call api rest camunda fecthAndLock.

if i enable sticky-sessions, lose the benefit of scaling pod? All requests from a microservice A to Camunda user are directed to the same POD?

Thank you, Giuseppe.