Mutli Instance Activity Variable Names

For the multiple instance activities, the following variables are created to control the instances:
nrOfInstances , nrOfActiveInstances , nrOfCompletedInstances and loopCounter.

Is there any mechanism for specifying the names of these variables? What would happen if user-defined variables were created with these same names? It might be nice to have these variables named in a manner where they are less likely to collide with user-defined variable names.

I don’t think it’s possible to specify custom names for these variables. Just know them and choose the othe names so that no name conflicts arise.

Hi @Stephen_Bucholtz,

the names are constants in the Java code of the engine:

From the comments are they defined by the BPMN 2,0 specification.

So, @fml2 comment is valid.

Hope this helps, Ingo