MySQL configuration for SpringBoot App

I was playing around with the platform initializer at and it works great. The problem is after a restart all settings are gone. So how can i configure MySQL for the SpringBoot App as in the Camunda Run Server?

Hi @humour

Add a Maven dependency for the MySQL JDBC driver and then change the spring.datasource.url in the application.yaml to match the MySQL URL.


Hi and thank you. Sorry for my late reply. I tried it this way but get this error

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Hi @humour

I have just tried a fresh application generated from the initializer for Camunda 7.17 and Spring Boot 2.6.4 and Java 15.

I then added Maven dependency:


and my application.yaml looks like:

    url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:33306/camunda
    username: root
    password: password
    driver-class-name: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver

  id: demo
  password: demo

To test it, I have started a MySQL instance using Docker:

docker run -p 33306:3306 --name some-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -d mysql:latest 

Before you start the application, connect to the MySQL Docker instance and create a database schema called “camunda”. Then the application should start and it will create the required tables in the database.


I see you are using com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver while i was using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. That fixed it. See MySQL :: MySQL Connector/J 8.0 Developer Guide :: Changes in the Connector/J API

Ahh OK. Great it works now.