Naming conventions, best practices

What are some of the best practices and naming conventions that need to be followed while designing a BPMN diagram?

Are there any specific guideline to name every task, for example - a different naming conventions for service task and script task.

Thanks in advance

@prateek_gulati, It’s always good to follow bpmn elements naming conventions for functional visibility and readbility, morelike naming should be self documenting of that activity itself.

You can read about naming conventions, best practices and bpmn standards here:

For example, Using Gateways Instead of Conditional Flows:

Use Gateways Instead of Conditional Flows

Model splitting the process flow by always using gateway symbols like inclusive gateway instead of conditional flows conditional flow

Also, there’s a modeler plugin bpmn-js-plugin-rename-technical-ids available which can do the technical id’s renaming into useful ids:

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