Need help in Mapping DMN for Education Scenarios

We want to sort the students based on the marks scored in a course.
e. g:
Course “ABC” and the examination has 4 sections 25 % weightage for each section.

Rule 1: Rank students based on the weighted average of all the 4 sections.
however if the students are differently abled then are entitled for a higher weightage of 5 %.

Rule 2: In addition to the Rule 1, if they are women then they will get an additional 5 % weightage.

Questions, where we need your help are:

1 : How do we sort and setup/configure this in DMN.
2. Can DMN really process 100’s of students in batch mode and sort them ?
3. If not what other Camunda tool can do achieve this functionality. We are looking for a low code easy to use solution as the rules vary from institute to institute.

Appreciate your help.

Hello @biku ,

to me this sounds like a problem that could be solved using a literal expression in DMN.

This literal expression is like a script. It uses feel, which has some very nice list processing functions available. Please find the docs here:

I hope this helps