Need independent advertisedHost and advertisedPort (independent advertisedAddress) for command and internal APIs

I need to deploy Zeebe nodes (brokers with embedded gateways) behind three different proxies. commandApi has address1:8443, internalApi has address2:8443 and monitoringApi has address3:8443. The proxy will then forward all traffic to the same host on ports 26501 and 26502, as Zeebe nodes usually work. However, I’m being unable to set advertised host and ports to each API separately. They just take the single advertisedHost and the same ports used for the same-pool node’s internal communication (26501 and 26502). We are not allowed to use NodePort services (that would allow me to use just one proxy with more than one port).

Thanks for the help.

So, at the moment you can specify a port for each API, but they have a single address that they use…

This is the first time that I’ve seen this use case. You’ll need to open a feature request in GitHub for “optionally specify distinct hostnames for advertised services”, I think.