Need more explonation about working with restapi

Hello we have situation, we have ASP .NET Web application and we want to track users, leads and comments. The application uses MVC and Identity Framework.

However, the user wants to define some custom processes in the future with Camunda.

A typical task would be: Currently, the user data that is collected is limited to personal data. This is done through an MVC View, that pushes the data into a controller and directly to SQL Server.

In the future, we want to change the business flow and extend with so storing credit card information to the user. Any added new form and action we want to display in mvc view.
We want to replicate the forms to views as they are in task list
It will be great if you have any idea how to achieve this.

Hi Burim,
There are samples of external tasklists available on github. Unfortunately none of them are .net based but they all use they same set of REST APIs to start processes, query tasks, claim tasks, etc. You may want to check out Bernd Ruecker’s C# Showcase for more information on how to implement what you describe.


Bernard Showcase do not cover .NET MVC . I want to handle scenario in MVC and generate views according the form defined on BPMN . Having in mind that MVC generates views from the controller based on its model. Actions of the view we want store on our database not Camundas
It will be great if Bernard on its showcase create one small project for MVC.

Correct, there is no direct example that I’m aware of in .net MVC but the pattern would be the same. I profess ignorance of MVC but essentially you would have to make REST API calls into Camunda to query for tasks. Once you have those tasks you can do things like claiming them, getting variables from those tasks/process instances from which you can generate your form, and then completing a task. The form itself is not defined in the BPMN, nor is the data but you can use the task/process metadata (like form key) as well as the variables attached to a process instance to help you create a form.

Hi Joe.

I find this very helpful with my project development. Can you give guidance on how can I implement the same logic if I’m using Camunda 8 Saas?


@Jenneffer_Jiminit - it may be more helpful to create new threads to ask questions specific to your use case. Your question here isn’t relevant to this thread from three years ago!

The logic for your application should be the same, but you would querying our cloud APIs. All of the APIs are public, and you can find the documentation for the Tasklist GraphQL API here, or the Tasklist REST API here.

Thanks for responding Nathan. Sure, I will create a new threads for my questions.