Need to use timeout in user task and change the route direction with the same parameters comes through the workflow


So what I need is to trigger is in user task according to timeout and change the execution direction to the rollback. (Need to pass all the parameters came until the timeout happens in the user task to the rollback).
I’ve used the timer boundary event and checked the execution gives the null pointer mentioning that missing taskId.

Then I’ve used timer boundary event non interrupting it’s not gonna change the execution direction and continue to the service task.

I read your post 3 times, but still do not understand the problem.

It appears like, when the user task was not completed after 10 minutes, you want to close this task and have the token move to the “Rollback” step? Then yes definitely use a interrupting timer otherwise it will move to the next step “Service Task” like you mentioned. You don’t want “Non Interrupting” for this requirement.

For the null pointer exception, need to learn more what you are trying to do. Please attach your model, and may be more screenshots and the community can help.

Yeah the thing is I don’t want to close the user task…just need to pass boolean value to the user task once the timeout triggers…
I’ve added boolean value to the script task but couldn’t get that variable in user task…

Hi @Ravi_Kaluarachchi,

a timeout task listener may help you further: Delegation Code |

Hope this helps, Ingo