Need your suggestions ASAP

Dear Team,

I need a favor from you. Myself Prakash working as an architect in Deloitte. Since I am new to the Camunda Workflow Management, I would like to understand about below queries.

Hi @prakash_ramalingam

Did you find what you needed?


Dear Josh,

Thanks for your response. No, Still I am looking for support.

Problem Statement is,

Scenario 1,

Your question is not visible…

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Hello Josh,

Here my questions are,

None of your questions are visible throughout this thread.

Perhaps try logging into the the site at and post your questions instead of sending email. There is probably something in the email interface that is removing part of your posts.

This is very likely if your are forwarding questions from someone else. Please don’t do this. If they have questions, they can interact with the community themselves.

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