Negative numbers in workflow status (simple-monitor)

while load testing zeebe as part of a poc, we came across the below. what does a negative number mean in the below screenshot? is it simply a simple-monitor (or elastic/hazelcast exporter) issue or some sort of workflow engine issue? any thoughts are appreciated. thanks.

Hi @mrsateeshp,

This is an issue in the simple monitor related to the Hazelcast exporter :sweat_smile:

I guess that some of the records are not read by the simple monitor fast enough. The Hazelcast exporter uses a ring-buffer to store the records. So, the first record is overridden when the buffer reaches its capacity. If the consumer, here the simple monitor, is not fast enough then it doesn’t get the records.

You can see that the task “Call Book copy” has more element instance in total than the start event :laughing:

Note that the simple monitor is not designed for load tests.

Best regards,

Thanks Philipp.
Yes, we understand simple monitor is not production grade, we are looking into setting up Operate.