New Process definition deploy event listener


Is there any way to register custom event listener via bpm-platform.xml for standalone installation for catching new definitions deployment events?



Hi @Leonid_Toporkov ,

within your bpm-platform.xml it is not possible to set a custom event listener satisfying your requirement because only properties of types String, Integer and Boolean are supported directly.

An option would be to wrap the listener in a plugin. Then, you would be able to assign a process engine plugin to your engine from without the bpm-platform.xml configuration file.

From code I would derive a xml looking similar to following (I did not try this out, so there might be syntactic errors):


Reading your post again, I am not sure if you already implemented a listener with the required behaviour. If that’s the case, please provide more information on what you try to achieve. Then I will try to help you on implementing a possible solution…

Kind regards