New to BPMN and Camunda, is this a datastore reference?


I am very new to BPMN and Camunda and have just started using it. If an organization uses google drive/google forms or any cloud based services to assist in their business processes is that to be represented in BPMN as a datastore reference?

Thank you

The datastore is symbolic and doesnt really have any semantic value… For external services, I tend to represent them as collapsed pools. Typically I would have a service task eg Save Contract and I would use an arrow between the service task and say a collapsed pool representing google drive… Hence the model then is executable, but also shows the integration context…

As a rule of thumb, if the external system is more like a function, I just use a collpased pool, if the external service is a type of storage service, then I add the database symbol below the collapsed pool to provide a visual representation…