New Zeebe Performance Benchmarking Tool

Hi team,

Falko Menge (@falko), a Camunda Consultant, has released a performance benchmarking tool that he has been using for the past year with Camunda customers to tune Zeebe for their production workloads.

It is a spreadsheet template for creating and recording performance tests, and observing the effects of the various parameters on performance.

We did a live stream explaining how it works, which you can view here: Falko & Josh Zeebe Performance Tool - YouTube

The spreadsheet itself is available here:

You can make a copy of the spreadsheet and use it for your own testing.

If you want to watch a longer explanation of the parameters, we did a more detailed stream on it a month ago, which you can watch here: Falko & Josh: Deep-dive on Zeebe Performance Tuning - YouTube

Finally, Falko is doing the Camunda Question Corner on Thursday November 26th, talking about Performance and Scale. If you want to ask him questions, this is a great opportunity. Sign up for it here.


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