Newbie question list

I am new to Camunda and I have following questions in my mind. Please help.
1.) Does Camunda Spring boot integration or any other setup support to deploy in a K8 cluster ? ex: expose single UI when multiple pods are running

2.) What is the possibility of use modeler as a web app rather a windows app ?

3.) Does Camunda support to see statistics info like num of requests in last hour…etc. ?
4.) Does Camunda modeler flow can access a REST API / Kafka topic directly?
5.) Does Camunda support to live changes to flow ? ex: change flow and direct x% of traffic to new flow

1.) Camunda can be deployed in a K8 cluster
2.) or (last one can be used as well to build your own web modeler)
3.) Camunda offers an analytic tool called Optimize, which is part of the enterprise license. But you can use the API to get the data as well and include it in your own statistic tool. So yes it is possible to get the information
4.) There is no out of the box solution but it can be implemented. there are some examples/ solutions around. or see this topic here:
Camunda-Kafka Connector
5.) Life changes of the model in runtime are not possible. Once a new model is build it needs a new deployment. Old “traffic” will stick to the old version of the model unless you migrate it towards a new version. With the EE version this is possible using Cockpit (UI for admins) and with CE via the API.

I hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. Two more question to get a better insight.

Are there an example to access REST API from Camunda BPMN workflow ?

Can Camunda BPMN workflow itself expose as a REST API so that third parties can access it ? Idea here is allow business people to use Camunda as a service orchestration tool. So that they can expose a service without writing any code.

Forget that. This is an utopia.

This video tutorial should help you understand how to contact the engine via rest