Newbie service task worker question

Is registering a worker for a service task a one time thing?
Say I create a Zeebe Client in a function (Azure, Lambda). Do I register workers for each of the service tasks one time, before I send the first Start Message Event (In my case that is how I open an instance). I’m pretty sure you don’t register it every time you start an instance, but wanted to verify.
I’m using GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-client-node-js: Node.js client library for Zeebe Microservices Orchestration Engine in an Azure Function

My start message will trigger the first service task to send a message to a topic in Confluent-Kafka. Do I make a separate function that runs once just to register the workers for the service tasks in the process? Then any time the start message is sent, via another function, the service task job will process.


Workers need to run continuously, as they poll for work. It is a pull model, not a push model like AWS Lambdas.

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Ok cool. Just wasn’t sure if I had to re-register after I’ve registered a worker once. So if I have 10 service tasks, I register them all once and they all will stay connected and processing jobs.


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