No access in cockpit

Hello, I’ve been struggling with this issue for a long time. I have a running Camunda process on a test environment that I can’t login into. The local one (localhost) works just fine.
The issue is that when I try to login I get the “Login Failed : Wrong credentials, locked user or missing access rights to application” error.
Now, I have access to the DB and checked all user related tables: act_id_user, act_ru_authorization,act_id_group, they all seem fine, they have data; What I tried:
-removed all data from the tables=> camunda asks me to create default user admin, I create one, still the same error
-i have access to the Camunda REST API and run multiple request, like create user & check identity (for example …engine-rest/identity/verify)=>everything seems fine, i can create, update users identities, etc
-i have checked the locking of the user in table act_id_user, column lock_exp_time_ => it’s null

Now, is it possible that SOMETHING is different on this 2 environment? Yes, of course, but since Camunda is started and I have access to the Cockpit login page, doesn’t mean that I should be able to login? Or maybe there is the option that the cockpit webapp is not started? How can I check that (the login page is functional).

Also, what I think it’s really important is that I get 403 Forbidden when I try to login on the test env.

Can you please help?

Thanks a lot !

Does the test environment run in cluster of one engine?
Are the requests going through a load balancer?

So, the test env and also the prod env have this issue.
I see your point and I’m ahead of you since you are right :slight_smile: We run Kubernetes with Docker and we have 2 running pods, each one of those running an Camunda engine.
I scaled the env to 1 pod and it works !
Now…the question is…how can I make them work if I have multiple pods (that is instances of camunda engine + web app ofc).

Thanks !

Luckily it’s quite an easy fix.
If you use change the settings on the load balancer to use sticky sessions on any connections made the webapps it should work correctly. :slight_smile:

Ok, will forward this to the DevOps team and see how it goes :slight_smile: Thanks, will give a bigger thank you when I see it in production :smiley:

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Delighted to hear it!
Good luck :slight_smile: