No decision definition deployed with key error

Hi TEam

I am facing org.camunda.bpm.engine.exception.dmn.DecisionDefinitionNotFoundException: no decision definition deployed with key issue after executing DMN table.

I have a process which calls DMN table and depending the response i will decide either to continue or not in the process.

But after getting the response from DMN table i am getting Decision definition error.

I can see definition on console. Please help me

Hi @korvisuresh and welcom,

Can you provide us with the DMN file?
Can you check that you set the “issue” is the key of a single decision (a rectangle in the DRG) and not of the complete DMN model?

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Thanks StephanHaarmann for quick reply.
I didn’t understand the field “issue” and where to set. My problem is i have included attached DMN to my BPMN and it is executing properly first time and after giving the response and after moving to next step i am getting the error. I have debugged camunda code also, code is looking for key like “id:version:defid” but system taking only dmn id and tenant type from application.

NewDepositAccount_POC1.dmn (2.1 KB)

This is the proper error
2022-09-27 09:06:57.686 WARN 6524 — [aTaskExecutor-2] org.camunda.bpm.engine.jobexecutor : ENGINE-14006 Exception while executing job 43e9fb8f-3e65-11ed-9d92-005056811b4d:

org.camunda.bpm.engine.exception.dmn.DecisionDefinitionNotFoundException: no decision definition deployed with key = ‘decision’, version = ‘1’ and tenant-id ‘fraudCheck1’: decisionDefinition is null

Thank you for the additional information and clarification.
My remark regarding “issue” was addressing the key of the decision (i.e., your initial error states “no decision definition deployed with key issue”). Your model provides me with all the information I asked for.

Just for confirmation:

  1. The DMN table is called without problems and returns the expected result
  2. When you execute the next activity, the error occurs.

Do I understand you correctly?

The error indicates that the business rule task is not linked to the correct decision.

When i execute http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/decision-definition url it is showing my definition details properly. It is executing properly in the class where i need to get response from DMN. After decision placed in the execution in next step it is failing but that next doesn’t need this DMN table.

I need this decision to execute in one class and that is working fine, but the response it is failing.

What about the other API call?


Does it also return the table?
If not, then that’s the problem reported by your exception. And we need to figure out, why it is looking for the decision even if you do not invoke it. However, with as little information as I’ve right now, I cannot answer that question. I require details about your process, about your implementation, and how they link to the decision.