No Process Execution History in Tutorial for Java Developer

I’ve worked through the getting started and Java developer tutorials. I’m running the Camunda community edition bundle on tomcat and deployed the generated war to the webapps directory. After I start the process via the tasklist I see the little popup saying that the process has started. I go back to the cockpit and refresh but never see the process executions added to the Process Instances tab. And therefor don’t see execution counts on the bpmn diagram as shown in the video. I can tell that the process is running because I can see the output in the catalina logs. There are no exceptions in the logs.

16-Jun-2019 17:31:31.408 INFO [http-nio-8080-exec-8] com.jonsinfinity.camunda.LoggerDelegate.execute

… LoggerDelegate invoked by processDefinitionId=simple-demo:1:36d54a23-904d-11e9-96c5-b69ef7dc86bb, activtyId=Task_16hf6xd, activtyName=‘Print Complaint about weather’, processInstanceId=7d526517-9086-11e9-96c5-b69ef7dc86bb, businessKey=null, executionId=7d526517-9086-11e9-96c5-b69ef7dc86bb

I’m pretty sure I dind’t miss anything in the tutorial I’ve gone back through it a few times just in case. Is the community edition supposed to work the same as the enterprise edition? Any ideas why the Cockpit isn’t updating? The thing I don’t see is a History View under processes. Should I see that or is it only available in enterprise edition?

I also implemented this as a spring boot application. Same behavior.

The history view in cockpit is only available in the EE version.
But the history is stored in the DB, so you can query for it directly by using the REST API.