Non interrupting timer

I have a scenario where there is a user task and a non interrupting boundary timer event attached to it with duration R5/PT1M, i.e it will fire 5 times at an interval of 1 minute.
My requirement is that if the user task is reassigned during this timeperiod, the timer should again be triggered 5 times at an interval of 1 minute. Example: my task is assigned to john and john has not taken any action on this task for say 2 mins ,so the timer has already fired twice. Now if I reassign the task to Mary, and mary does not take any action on it for say 5 mins , the timer is triggered 5 times i.e a total of 7 times (2 john + 5 mary). Is it possible to execute this coz normally the timer under above scenario is getting triggered a total of 5 times ( 2 john + 3Mary) . Thanks in advance.

Hi @shatabdi_dutta,

A new task should be created with each reassignment. and to achive this behavior you should implement your reassign logic such that on each reassignment action, the token will go through a sequence flow which return back to the user task. (see attached image)

Hi @hassang Thanks for your reply, but how to check for reassignment??

Hi @shatabdi_dutta,

Please see the new attached image above…

Each reassignment should be done as task completion action where we use one process variable “action” to set the type of action as ‘reassign’ and another process variable “task1_assignee” to set the new assignee.

That way a new instance of “Task 1” will be created with assignee set to the value of the variable "task1_assignee"

@hassang thanks a ton!!!