Not able to find how to attach boundary timer event in BPMN modular 2.0.0

while adding attached bpmn file containing BoundaryEvent Timer inside, giving warning as below:

boundaryEvent as unparsable and unrecognised event as well as I am not able to find any diagram related to boundary timer event

@Urgent : please reply sooner, that will be helpful.

As well as If someone can tell me is there another way to have a service trigger based on a condition like due date exceeds.

Hi @amit_kumar,

could you please attach your process file? Or did I understand you wrong and you are getting error during creation of bpm file in modeler?

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Hi @aakhmerov ,
I have attached below bpmn file.

V2_0_0__TenantDefault.bpmn (37.3 KB)

I am trying to get a boundary
non-interrupt timer…I am not able to find in Camunda modeler.
So I used xml code snippet provided in docs of Camunda Timer event,but it cause warning saying bounderyevent is wrong tag or its unparsable.

To define a boundary event drag the intermediate event from the palette onto the task

Then use the morph tool to convert it to the specific event you’re looking for:


Hi @Niall
Thanks for quick response.
It seems I had the old version of moduler. I have downloaded the latest version.I can see now.

Thank you, searching 10 min where to put it correctly XD

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