Not able to parse custom renderer property in Camunda API

Hi Team,

We took above custom rendered as a reference and implement stroke-width to sequenceflow,
The custom render is adding an attribute to bpmn:sequenceFlow element,

We are parsing above generated bpmn xml through camunda maven dependency,


The camunda parser throwing error because the new attribute “stroke-width” is not specific to bpmn schema.

Kindly help on how can we parse custom render attribute by camunda API.


Reference code:
[‎11/‎26/‎2019 5:50 PM] Sahoo, Nivedita:
if (is(element, ‘bpmn:SequenceFlow’)) {
const attrs = element.businessObject.$attrs;
const connectorColorAttr = {};

  if (attrs.isSelected) {
    connectorColorAttr.strokeWidth = attrs.strokeWidth || '1px';

  connectorColorAttr.markerEnd = this.marker('sequenceflow-end',, connectorColorAttr.stroke);

  svgAttr(shape, connectorColorAttr);
  this.modifyDefs(parentNode, connectorColorAttr);


First of all:

Don’t do that. As you can see it will break your diagram. bpmn-js supports fill and stroke color but not stroke width. If you want to change the stroke width just change your renderer to use a different stroke width when rendering connections. The default renderer uses a stroke width of 2: