Nothing appears in tasklist

Hello everyone !
I’m using camunda docker image and I’ve deployed my BPMNs and my DMN compiled as .war files by gradle, in the /camunda/webapps directory inside my docker. The diagrams appear correctly in process definitions in cockpit, but I have no task in tasklist, it displays me :

Failure: Loading the list of tasks finished with failures. Try to refresh the page to try again.

Hi @pvermeil,

could you check the browser console if there are any errors displayed there? Or maybe in the server console? Also, do you have a tasklist filter?

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In the network tab of firefox console, I get a 500 error with loading of the list (on tasklist). No filter. Here is what my server log displays when I reload tasklist :

Thanks for your help

Hi @pvermeil were you able to find the resolution for this issue?

Hi, Is there a solution to this problem?